According to the Stark Centre, Physical Culture is a term used to describe the various activities people have employed over the centuries to strengthen their bodies, enhance their physiques, increase their endurance, enhance their health, fight against aging, and become better athletes.

Physical Culture Study is a website dedicated to exploring and examining the various aspects of the world of physical fitness.

Why do we train the way we train? Why do we eat the way we eat? And what determines the perfect physique?

These are just some of the issues that Physical Culture Study is concerned with. We’ll be examining the early stages of the Physical Culture movement right up to the modern day.

The story of Physical Culture is one of intrigue, sweat and fun. It’s worthy of our attention.

So sit back, sip on your protein shake and enjoy.

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For more on the author see Aim Workout’s interview with Conor


  1. Thank you for following my blog – I always panic when that happens because it is not a physically fit blog – and I favour high heels over trainers BTW – and the last post might really be the Last Post. I look forward to exploring your blog properly, but I already feel a fraud…

  2. No problem, I’m really enjoying having a read through some of your posts. I particularly like the idea of blogging as a means shouting at each other across the void to drown out the sound of our fear. The same can be said of most conversations…

    I hope to see more work from you in the future but obviously that’s a personal decision!

  3. I demand you remove this article about weightlifting shoes. You blatantly plagiarized my article “Why weightlifting Shoes”. You have even stole the pictures; one is of myself. Are you working on a Phd in plagiarism?

    Andrew ‘Bud’ Charniga

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I do apologise for what was poor citation in my article. I have referenced you, your website and that article in question within the post as is acceptable in PhD work and has not caused issue with others in the past. I am deeply apologetic for any anger this may have caused and I have since that post was written been much more rigorous in my citation.

      I have just included a large proviso at the beginning that the work is largely a retelling of your own research in this regard. Is this acceptable? If not please let me know if any other avenues are permissible.


    2. Additionally I should have reached out to you prior to posting the article. There is no excuse on that one, as it is what I do now for others. That was unacceptable and I do apologise.

  4. Conor, great site, filled with fantastic information! I have a question for you, where can find a copy of your article,‘Born swinging’: Tom Burrows and the forgotten art of endurance club swinging? I have been searching high and low and can not find it any where.

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