Guest Post: The History and the Future of the HIIT Workout Regime

The history of HIIT dates back much further than its modern-day popularity. In fact, the roots of interval training can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The early Greeks, particularly the Olympians, utilized interval-style workouts to improve their athletic performance. Runners would alternate between sprinting and walking or jogging, while ancient martial arts training involved... Continue Reading →

Who Invented the Assault Bike?

Assault bikes are, for want of a better phrase, awful. Just awful. I remember how excited I was when my gym first got an old air bike. I hopped on, busted a gut for 2 minutes and then jumped off, vowing never again to use such a horrid machine. Funnily most people I chat to... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: History of Stairmaster

Image Source  Are you interested in learning about the history of StairMaster? If yes, then here is amazing information you may need to know. StairMaster was first found by Lanny Potts and Jim Walker, and then introduced at the National Sporting Goods Association Trade show by Tri-Tech, Inc. of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1983. However, it... Continue Reading →

The History of the Beep Test

Picture the scene. It's cold outside, there's 30 teenagers, hormones raging, running back and forth in an old school hall. As a lovable, but somewhat crotchety, teacher screams at the teens to run faster beeps can be heard echoing throughout the hall. The rapidity of the beeps grows. Where once there was a 15 second... Continue Reading →

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