Podcasts, Documentaries, and Other Media

I am very passionate about public history and speaking to those equally enthusiastic about the history of fitness with any and all groups. Please do reach out through the website or email me at heffercp@tcd.ie to speak more.

In the interim, here is an incomplete list of where you can find me.


Check out the weird and wonderful of strength and fitness through my podcast appearances on lifting, health, and history podcasts. You can find a list of episodes here.


I was fortunate enough to appear on the Rogue Fitness documentary about Arthur Saxon (click here) and, more recently have appeared in The Way We Were for RTE in Ireland (here). I’m currently part of several domestic and international documentaries so watch this space!

Other Media

For the past several years I have acted as a content writer for Barbend.com, providing dozens and dozens of history articles. This is such fun and, because I work closely with an Editor, they often push me to study topics that I don’t cover here. It’s a blast and the back catalogue is here.

I’ve also previously worked with Ted-Ed to produce a history of the treadmill video that now has millions of views. The origins of this video actually began with this website. Check out the video here.

Public Speaking

I am very fortunate to have spoken at a number of public events for groups as small as two or in the hundreds. This is truly something I am passionate about so if you want me to contribute historical talks to the general public, students, coaches, and practitioners, just reach out at heffercp@tcd.ie. If I can do it, I will.

In the past, I have spoken at literary events, in schools, at Universities, to strength and conditioning practitioners, and… to myself in the mirror as I practice these things. Let me tell you that last crowd is tough.


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