Book Review: Alyssa Ages, Secrets of Giants

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of speaking with Alyssa Ages, an independent journalist who is also a strength fanatic. At the time Ages was working on a novel about the mindset of strength athletes (specifically those competing in World Strongest Man/World Strongest Women style events). The book has subsequently been published and I... Continue Reading →

Geoff Capes: The Car Salesman?

My love of the World Strongest Man Competition is obvious. If you don't believe, just check out some of our previous posts on the weird and wonderful of the WSM. In particular I am a huge fan of the early WSM shows. They were a time when the sport had not yet professionalized. In reality,... Continue Reading →

A Few Sandovian Stage Feats

I love feats of strength. Admittedly that's not the most surprising admission given the purpose of this website but it is one worth stating every now and then. It doesn't matter if it is someone lifting a barbell or a bale of heavy. Make it heavy enough and I will watch it or, if I... Continue Reading →

Thomas Inch’s Diet

One of the strongest men of the early twentieth-century, Thomas Inch was known in both Great Britain and the United States for his feats of strength. Unlike others however, Inch was hardly strict with his diet. In fact Inch was recorded as saying There is nothing so wearisome as having to be extremely particular about what one... Continue Reading →

Alan Calvert, ‘Tricks of Lifting and Trickery of Lifters,’ Confidential Information of Lifting and Lifters (Philadelphia, 1926), 13-16.

Alan Calvert was one of the most important strength entrepreneurs in twentieth-century America. The founder of Milo Barbell and Strength magazine, Calvert helped bring barbells and weights to the masses in the early 1900s. What makes him an even more fascinating figure is that in later years, Calvert became deeply disgusted with America's burgeoning fitness... Continue Reading →

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