Inspirational Reads: Henry Rollins, ‘The Iron and Soul,’ 1994

"And now for something completely different" I'll be spending a few weeks discussing various writings on lifting weights that have left an imprint on me in many ways. As anyone who has dedicated themselves to the gym for a prolonged period will attest, lifting weights is about so much more than exercise. It is a... Continue Reading →

A Few Sandovian Stage Feats

I love feats of strength. Admittedly that's not the most surprising admission given the purpose of this website but it is one worth stating every now and then. It doesn't matter if it is someone lifting a barbell or a bale of heavy. Make it heavy enough and I will watch it or, if I... Continue Reading →

What We’re Watching – Ancient Workouts With Omar

It's often very difficult to find something worthwhile in the fitness industry that is Entertaining Factual Historical Previously I've written about Rogue Fitness' numerous documentaries, which are on my 'must watch' list for anyone interested in the history of the Iron Game. Recently I stumbled across Omar Isuf's collaboration with the History channel on ancient... Continue Reading →

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