Why I Wanted to Visit a Dead Man’s Grave

For reasons that I will happily discuss later, I was recently in London with my family and had a to-do list of physical culture-related materials that I wanted to check out. First, there would be a meal at the German Gymnasium. This was one of the first public gymnasiums to open in nineteenth-century London and... Continue Reading →

D. Haddleton, ‘It takes guts to chisel out the Abdominals’, Health and Strength (1964)

Written by D. Haddleton, of Sydney, Australia in Health and Strength Magazine, in November 1964, the following article presents an 'old school' method of training the abs. It features several exercises long forgotten by the modern weightlifter, making it both an invaluable piece of Iron Game history and valuable training aid. Really want to kick-start some ab development?... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: All You Need to Know about the History of Health Promotion

Health promotion, the process of enabling individuals and communities to take control of their health and well-being, has a rich history that spans centuries. From early preventive measures to modern public health campaigns, the evolution of health promotion reflects changing societal attitudes, advancements in medical knowledge, and the recognition of the importance of holistic well-being.... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Tracing the Evolution of Electronic Muscle Stimulators

Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) have emerged as a revolutionary technology in the field of health and fitness. These devices use electrical impulses to stimulate muscles, providing a wide range of benefits, from medical rehabilitation to enhancing athletic performance. This article delves into the history, science, applications, and future prospects of muscle stimulators, highlighting their impact... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: The See-Saw Press

I was flicking through some old strength magazines during the weekend and came across a lift that I doubt many of us are familiar with. Called the 'Seesaw' press, it is essentially a standing dumbbell shoulder press but instead of pressing both dumbbells at the same time, you alternate between reps. As you lower one dumb-bell, you... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Exercises: The Rader Chest Pull

Having previously discussed the history of the squat exercise, today's post examines the creation of the Rader Chest Pull, an exercise that Peary Rader, one of the Irongame's biggest names in the twentieth-century, often used in conjunction with the squat. Typically Rader would inform trainees to perform this exercise directly after a set of twenty... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: The Untold History of Workout Supplements

In today's fitness industry, workout supplements are a common sight. From pre-workout powders to protein bars, these products are advertised as the keys to unlocking muscle gains and improved performance. However, the history of workout supplements is a story that is rarely told. For decades, athletes and bodybuilders have experimented with various substances and formulas... Continue Reading →

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