Dan Lurie and John Lima, ‘Before You Begin … Read These Important Training Tips,’ Dan Lurie’s Instant Action Bodybuilding System (New York, 1979)

Train Regularly - 3 days a week - every other day. The POSITRAIN program has been laid out for you on a Monday - Wednesday- Friday basis. This has been found to be the ideal with most bodybuilders. However, if it is more convenient for you - you can train on Tuesday - Thursday -... Continue Reading →

Dan Lurie’s Half Moon Bench

Having previously detailed forgotten physical culture devices like the Iron Boots and the Swingbell, the time has come to discuss another treasure from bodybuilding's past, namely the 'half moon bench'. Promoted heavily by the Dan Lurie Barbell Company during┬áthe sixties and seventies, the "Half-Moon" or "Round Bench" promised┬áto stretch the ligaments and cartilage around the... Continue Reading →

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