Guest Post: The History of Physical Fitness

If you think people started exercising only 100 years ago, you’re wrong. Since the rise of civilizations, exercise was a part of human life. So, let’s see how working out changed through history and where we stand today. Ancient Greeks and Romans Real fitness and body appreciation started during ancient Greek and Roman rule when... Continue Reading →

Dan Lurie’s Half Moon Bench

Having previously detailed forgotten physical culture devices like the Iron Boots and the Swingbell, the time has come to discuss another treasure from bodybuilding's past, namely the 'half moon bench'. Promoted heavily by the Dan Lurie Barbell Company during the sixties and seventies, the "Half-Moon" or "Round Bench" promised to stretch the ligaments and cartilage around the... Continue Reading →

The State of Ireland’s Health

Earlier this week, the Department of Health in conjunction with Ipsos MBRI launched the Healthy Ireland Survey, an all-encompassing report looking at weight management, diet, mental health and physical activity. Not since 2007 has a survey of this kind been attempted in the Republic of Ireland, and considering the (ahem) considerable changes in Irish society in the... Continue Reading →

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