Guest Post: A Brief History of Sports Journalism

Sports journalism, a dynamic and vibrant field, holds a rich history that parallels the evolution of both sports and media. From its humble beginnings to its present-day digital dominance, the story of sports journalism is a testament to the enduring human fascination with athletic prowess and the desire to share these stories with the world.... Continue Reading →

The A-Z of Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is a hugely popular sport throughout the world but many of us are completely ignorant about the game. Well thanks to  Bristol Street Vearsa we have an easy A-Z cheat list about a fascinating game. Check it out below!

The State of Ireland’s Health

Earlier this week, the Department of Health in conjunction with Ipsos MBRI launched the Healthy Ireland Survey, an all-encompassing report looking at weight management, diet, mental health and physical activity. Not since 2007 has a survey of this kind been attempted in the Republic of Ireland, and considering the (ahem) considerable changes in Irish society in the... Continue Reading →

Want to live to be 100? According to the Lancelot diet, equality and strong public health measures all play a part in the fight against death! What’s the secret to the world’s oldest woman’s longevity?

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