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The A-Z of Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby is a hugely popular sport throughout the world but many of us are completely ignorant about the game. Well thanks to  Bristol Street Vearsa we have an easy A-Z cheat list about a fascinating game. […]

The State of Ireland’s Health


Earlier this week, the Department of Health in conjunction with Ipsos MBRI launched the Healthy Ireland Surveyan all-encompassing report looking at weight management, diet, mental health and physical activity.

Not since 2007 has a survey of this kind been attempted in the Republic of Ireland, and considering the (ahem) considerable changes in Irish society in the past eight years, it’s fair to say the survey was sorely needed.

The results showed remarkable delusion on the part of the Irish people regarding their health. As a nation we have become unhealthy, a message that has yet to embed into our psyche.