Start Your Fitness Journey For A Long And Healthy Life

It’s never too late to begin your fitness and health journey; any positive changes will be an improvement and will have a beneficial impact on how you feel physically and mentally. Therefore, if you feel that you’re stuck in a lifestyle rut, and can’t seem to kick your unhealthy habits; it might be time to... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How to Stay Fit After 50

The old saying goes that you are as old as you feel. This is most definitely true in spirit, but when it comes to your body - your actual age starts creeping up on you pretty fast. After your 50th birthday, the changes become more rapid and a lot harsher. This is exactly the reason... Continue Reading →

Want to live to be 100? According to the Lancelot diet, equality and strong public health measures all play a part in the fight against death! What’s the secret to the world’s oldest woman’s longevity?

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