Guest Post: A Brief History of Marathon: The Origin and Development of the Famous Race

The marathon, a grueling long-distance race that tests the endurance and determination of runners, has become one of the most iconic events in the world of athletics. Originating from an ancient Greek legend, the marathon has a rich and fascinating history that spans centuries. So, here’s a brief history behind the marathon, tracing its roots... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of the Treadmill

When it comes to physical activity, the treadmill often feels like a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Well that's because it is. In the early 1800s, an English Civil Engineer named Sir William Cubitt devised the World's first treadmill as a means of punishing and reforming England's prisoners. Disgusted by the idleness of the... Continue Reading →

The History of the Foam Roller

What could be simpler? Just hop on a piece of foam and roll up and down... anyone could do that right? Yes, anyone can but few do. Why? Mainly because it hurts. It's effective but my god is it sore. Yes today we are talking about the foam roller, the cost-effective means of massaging aching muscles and... Continue Reading →

The History of the Beep Test

Picture the scene. It's cold outside, there's 30 teenagers, hormones raging, running back and forth in an old school hall. As a lovable, but somewhat crotchety, teacher screams at the teens to run faster beeps can be heard echoing throughout the hall. The rapidity of the beeps grows. Where once there was a 15 second... Continue Reading →

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