Guest Post: The Fascinating History of the Treadmill

As most people who work out at the gym will testify, running on the treadmill, while being a pretty great way to get your cardio in, can often feel torturous. Interestingly enough, if you have ever compared running on the narrow confines of the treadmill belt to punishment, you wouldn’t be too far from the... Continue Reading →

How Indian Clubs Came to England

Originating in modern-day India, the practice of club swinging has a long and deeply embedded cultural Indian history. In the first instance, the Indian clubs featured heavily in the Mahabharata, a Hindu religious epic written during the Indian Vedic Age (1500 – 500 BCE). Highly allegorical, the epic focused on two warring sects, the Pandevas... Continue Reading →

Physical Fitness for the Nation (1936 British Pathé Video) The 1930s were a tumultuous period of European history. Traditional political structures appeared to be faltering, fascist regimes were rising and the modern fitness levels appeared to be dropping dramatically. The following video, taken from the wonderful British Pathé archives, gives a snippet into the British government's attempt to reverse the political tide and... Continue Reading →

Strength! Featuring Saxon Brown (1930)

Born in England in the early 1900s, Saxon Brown (real name Henry Brown) was briefly lauded during the 1930s as 'Britain's strongest youth' & 'the world's strongest young man'. Though his time in the physical culture spotlight was short lived, Brown's strength was immortalised thanks to the below British Pathé footage. Featuring a number of... Continue Reading →

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