Why are Steroids Illegal in the United States? The History of 1990 Steroid Control Act

It's a theme that pops up again and again when discussing bodybuilding in the mid-twentieth-century. How did iconic lifters like Arnold or Frank Zane create their championship physiques? Was it all down to genetics? Hard work? Or was it due to steroids? What about a combination of all three? As someone who grew up on... Continue Reading →

Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus diet

Known as the Steroid Guru during the 1990s, Dan Duchaine was one of bodybuilding’s most outspoken commentators during the birth of mass monster. Controversial to the highest degree, Duchaine’s career spanned prison sentences, coaching and television appearances with an impressive regularity. While much has been written about Duchaine, not all of it true mind you,... Continue Reading →

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