Tricks and Tests of the Muscles (Health and Strength, 1908)

Recently I had the privilege of going through the British Library's fantastic collection of physical culture books, workout courses and magazines as part of my PhD research. Though this was work, in the lightest sense of the word, I made a point of reading as much as the great institution had to offer. One book... Continue Reading →

Alois P. Swoboda’s Conscious Evolution Course

Though born in Vienna in 1873, Alois P. Swoboda became one of America's most popular and famous physical culturists of the early twentieth-century. Preaching a system of bodyweight only exercises, Swoboda ran a successful mail-order business for several years, which allowed the Austrian to preach his message of muscle across the United States. Given the... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: 4 Awesome No Equipment Workouts

The following post was kindly provided by Suzanne Collins from If you're interested in the power of healthy food and nutrition to improve your life, Suzanne's website is a fantastic learning tool. Many people opine that getting a good workout is only possible  when one uses exercise equipment. Do you also have the same view? If... Continue Reading →

The History of the Jumping Jack

Whilst not the most effective form of training out there, chances are all of us will have done countless jumping jacks as kids. Indeed, Jumping Jacks were often the staple exercises for countless PE teachers, alongside the dreaded burpee. So who did invent the Jumping Jack and how did it become so popular? The answer... Continue Reading →

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