Alois P. Swoboda’s Conscious Evolution Course


Though born in Vienna in 1873, Alois P. Swoboda became one of America’s most popular and famous physical culturists of the early twentieth-century. Preaching a system of bodyweight only exercises, Swoboda ran a successful mail-order business for several years, which allowed the Austrian to preach his message of muscle across the United States.

Given the interest on this site in another proponent of bodyweight fitness systems (namely Charles Atlas), it seems only right to feature Swoboda’s famed ‘Conscious Evolution’ fitness manual which emerged in the 1910s.

Though relatively short (only two pages!), Swoboda’s course will no doubt be of interest to those interested in how physical culturists trained at the dawn of the twentieth-century. Furthermore the suggestions made by Swoboda were and continue to be echoed by those in the fitness industry, making his course somewhat timeless.

The course can be found by clicking this link..

As always, happy lifting!

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  1. This is a legitimate course! Simple, easy and fun. This is pretty much all you need as far as physical exercise.

      1. It’s pretty amazing that a person can get so much from just flexing their muscles. What I love about it the most is that it doesn’t require much time(15-20 minutes) and unlike other modes of exercise, can be done anywhere at anytime. Please excuse my poor grammar but I’m typing this on the fly. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.

  2. I started this course on a whim last September. The results have simply been incredible! I increased my bodyweight from 196lbs to 224lbs within 6 weeks of application. My strength has increased tremendously, and I’ve gained startling control over my muscles…I think the most important part of practicing these exercises is the energy that they create in both mind and body. I know this sounds ridiculous but I’m telling the truth. It is simply unbelievable. You have to experience it to believe it, understand it.

  3. Alois P Swoboda was simply a plagiator. He just copied the system of Joseph Proshek. In Russia was another plagiator, who copied the system of Prosek – Anokhin. It is known in Russia as Anokhin gymnastics. You can view a russian translation of original Proshek book and compare the photographs of position with positions from Swoboda system. Scan of the book printed in 1915 i can send you via e-mail. That”s the pictures from book with description of Proshek gymnastics, printed in 1990

    1. Hi Dmytro, this is just wonderful thank you for this information. My knowledge of Russian physical culture is effectively nil so I’m very excited by this discovery! Would love to learn more if you wanted to get in touch by email? I’m

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