Guest Post: 10 Benefits of Marijuana as an Alternative Medicine


Every year, roughly 100,000 people die globally after taking prescription pills. Who can think of even one person dying after using marijuana? Just one? Recreationally or medicinally? There is not a single case. Nowhere. Not even one. In 10,000 years of man’s use of marijuana, not a single death is attributable to it. In fact, the benefits of smoking pot outweigh the cons, and weed is actually good for you.

Health Benefits of Marijuana in California

It is possible to die from taking too much aspirin. The same is true of coffee, and wine. Cannabis is non-lethal, no matter how much you take of it. Whether medical or not, weed cannot kill you. It will actually benefit you. It is far safer and more effective at treating an array of conditions than the current dangers the pharmaceutical industry cooks in its labs. In fact, it is loaded with health benefits.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana in California

Evidence exists to prove that more than 200 different illnesses respond well to marijuana treatment. It is impossible to list all of them here, but people commonly use marijuana as an alternative medicine to treat these 10 widespread health problems:

 1.     Epilepsy

Cannabis plays a crucial role in controlling the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures. According to a study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University, marijuana contains the high levels of cannabinoids necessary to control spontaneous seizures. Patients worldwide report astounding success.

2.     Alzheimer’s Disease

Delta-9-trahydrocanninol, or the active ingredient we know as THC, provides those with Alzheimer’s disease a viable treatment option. According to the Scripps Research Institute, THC prevents the acetylcholinesterase buildup of brain plaque inhibiting memory and cognition in sufferers.

3.     Glaucoma

People have been using marijuana to treat glaucoma since the 1970s already. This disease blinds millions worldwide every year, despite the fact that sufficient evidence exists to show how cannabis reduces optic nerve-damaging intraocular pressure. It also aids in reversing deterioration.

4.     Multiple Sclerosis

People have been using marijuana to treat multiple sclerosis for many years now. Clinical trials are providing evidence that THC and cannabinoids can act as muscle relaxants. Patients report fewer, less severe muscle spasms and episodes of spasticity. Cannabis also helps them manage associated pain.

5.     Depression

Marijuana treats depression by elevating mood. Users feel euphoric, energized, mentally focused, and more socially comfortable. In fact, the largest study ever conducted found cannabis consumers to have fewer symptoms of depression than non-users. Sativa, in particular, makes users exude positivity.

6.     Arthritis

Cannabis is a highly effective painkiller, and because it is natural and non-lethal, patients use it for all types of painful conditions, including the worst of them. Rheumatoid arthritis is so painful that patients cannot sleep. Marijuana reduces the inflammation, relieves the pain, and helps them get shut-eye.

7.     Hepatitis C

Cannabis makes traditional drug therapy for hepatitis C more effective. The University of California at San Francisco published a study in 2006 showing how marijuana treats the severe side effects of hepatitis C medicines, such as nausea, fatigue, and muscle aches. It offers a complete virological cure.

8.     Anxiety

Marijuana will calm you down or rile you up. The cause of this remains hotly debated. The strain you use is crucial. High THC strains can induce paranoia and worsen symptoms of anxiety in some people, but this is actually rare. The vast majority of anxiety sufferers prefer cannabis to prescription drugs.

9.     Cancer

Both the American Cancer Society and the Food & Drug Administration agree that cannabinoids relieve vomiting and nausea in cancer patients and it helps them eat too. This is on official record. As an antibacterial, marijuana inhibits the growth of tumors, and in some cases, it even destroys them.

10.  Morning Sickness

Peer-reviewed studies find that 92 percent of female cannabis users consider it highly effective at controlling morning sickness. The studies themselves show that it reduces vomiting and nausea significantly. Smoking may be unwise for pregnant women, but concentrates have no harmful effects.

Benefits of Smoking Pot in California

Cannabis is fast becoming the most beneficial plant known to man, and not just for economic and recreational reasons: Marijuana contains THC, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other medicinal properties that work naturally with our bodies to optimize health. The benefits of smoking pot are simply too many to name, and it does not injure, maim or kill its patients the way that pharmaceutical drugs do.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in California. These are by no means the only illnesses the state recognizes for cannabis treatment, though. Pot-certified doctors are prescribing cannabis for most diseases these days, and if one writes you a recommendation letter, you have the legal right to grow, harvest, or purchase your medicine anywhere in the state.

Author Bio– John Levy is a professional blogger covering news and other topics related to health benefits of cannabis and related products. Currently, working for Pot Valet- a leading company to provide a  medical marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara, John loves to share research oriented work with others. Follow his company on Google Plus and Facebook.