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Cannabidiol is one of the 85 active ingredients(cannabinoids), present in within the Cannabis. Cannabidiol is one of the two famous active ingredients, the other one being THC. The biggest difference between the Cannabidiol(CBD) and THC that makes CBD standout is the effect that these two cannabinoids have, on the brain.

THC has the psychoactive property, while CBD doesn’t, and it is this ingredient that makes Marijuana, a medicinal herb that can be used to treat various ailments. Earlier, one focused on having designed this crop(Marijuana), in such a way that, it had a high concentration of THC- the prime reason for this was to provide the user with the high that was as mind-blowing as possible. But, today this focus has shifted towards the CBD.

With careful and selective breeding techniques, cultivating Marijuana strains with very less THC content in it is possible. This way, the benefits of CBD can be completely reaped, without the effects of THC.

What makes Cannabinoids, non-psychoactive?

The pathways of both these cannabinoids are different, and THC interferes with the psychomotor and psychological functions of the brain, while the CBD doesn’t. It is for this reason, CBD is said to be a lot safe when compared to THC even at higher doses.

Medicinal properties of Cannabidiol-

-Anti-inflammatory – CBD is known to effectively combat various inflammatory disorders.

-Anticonvulsants- Epileptic seizures can be addressed by CBD

-Antioxidant- CBD prevents free radical formation in the body, and also prevents various neurodegenerative diseases.

-Anti-cancerous- CBD prevents tumor formation in the body, and effective fights against the already formed cancer cells too.

– Anti-depressant – CBD addresses a number of anxiety and depression disorders.

These are few benefits of Cannabidiol, and there are much more. CBD is also known to reduce the negative effects of THC. The high feeling that THC gives is not always good, and CBD can save you, in that case. Memory impairment and paranoia are the common side effects of THC, and CBD can prevent this. This clearly states that CBD is the actual hero. One catch here is that, the CBD can work effectively, only in the presence of THC, but the concentration needs to low, to the keep the psychoactive effects in check.


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I am a firm believer in the herbal use and an advocate for recreational marijuana. My wife of over forty years , who abstains for her own reasons, and I have been living on the farm for nearly as long as we have been married. We have five successful adult children to be proud of.

I was educated in Agriculture/ Horticulture at the OAC at the University of Guelph where I graduated with honors. I worked in many different farm occupations and silviculture , and am a firm believer in organic farming and cultural practices that are eco-friendly and safe for people. I also advocate mixed farming that includes livestock and crop production. I have developed some of my own innovations in plant husbandry that came out of years of experience and observation and tempered with advanced training in agric/hort. Science.

I feel it is important to re- educate people about marijuana , expose the “snow job” that it has been a victim of, for almost a hundred years in North America. “It will be a tough row to hoe”, but we are determined to bring the truth to cannabis and its positive effects when grown in natural environments.




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