Is Portion Control as Hard as It Seems?

One of the main goals in weight loss (and nutrition in general) is to cut calories that are wasteful. We all have a recommended daily intake of calories and if you surpass it, then you’re in the territory of gaining weight unless you supplement your lifestyle with plenty of exercise to balance it out. Unfortunately, some foods that we eat are “empty” calories, meaning that they provide no real benefit to our bodies. In addition, some foods simply aren’t as nutritional as others, and it can be seen as wasteful.

Portion control is just another way of watching what you eat, but it goes a little beyond just cutting out wasteful calories. If you’re serious about managing your nutrition, then it’s important to keep an eye on the portions you eat so that you’re gaining as many nutrients as possible with the fewest calories.


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Beating the feeling of hunger

The feeling of hunger is the worst enemy of anyone trying to consume sensible portions. One of the things about empty calories is that it makes us feel full, which is why we love snacking on things like doughnuts that carry almost no nutritional value. Followers of diets such as the low-carb diet often feel excessively hungry when they first start the diet, and this is usually because their bodies are trying to adjust to the lack of carbs. Although we wouldn’t recommend extreme diets (a balanced diet is always the best for your mind and body) there are a few ways to feel fuller when trying to control your portions. For starters, drink water. It fills your stomach and makes you feel less hungry throughout the day. Next, make sure you eat regular portions throughout the day instead of one or two large meals. This will also help with your portion control because you can focus on smaller portions as opposed to large ones.

Some diet plans focus on portion control

If you’re convinced that you want to go on a specialised diet, then do it because there’s plenty of resources and help to get you started, not for the benefits it promises. One of the biggest advantages to following a diet is that there are step-by-step meal plans and goals that you should reach, and it gives you the confidence and motivation to continue as opposed to controlling portions without any aim. For instance, HCG diet plan phase 2 focuses on limiting the amount of food you eat after taking their HCG drops. Since the entire meal plan is listed on their website, it makes it far easier to follow a diet routine and you’ll feel motivated to try harder with all the assistance.

Be mindful of wasted calories

If you want to cut calories, then it’s important to focus on being mindful of wasted calories. Research on the internet if you’re unsure how much nutrition each meal is giving you, and consider following a diet plan that has all the nutritional details listed for you to make it easier.

As always, Happy Lifting!

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