Back to the Best: How Pro Athletes Recover From Injuries Faster

Nobody likes to be injured. Our exercise is a part of who we are, and if we’re left sitting on the couch all day, then we’re slowly losing a part of ourselves. Luckily, we have some trail blazers out there who have figured out how we can recover from injuries much quicker than compared to the olden days.  Professional athletes have more at stake than passionate amateurs do, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a look at some of their ideas and get ourselves back out there performing faster than usual. Below, we take a look at how they do it.



Fast Care

Your body will tell you when you’re injured, but most people refuse to listen. If you feel a tweak or other muscle injury, the temptation is to see how it fares over the next ten minutes before calling it a day. In reality, you should be packing up and going home at the first sign of injury, because you’ll only be making it worse if you carry on playing. The best athletes take no chances when it comes to their body, instead opting to begin the recovery process as soon as possible. Even a slight injury needs time to heal!

New Techniques

Science has propelled the world forward in many ways over the past few decades, and that extends to how we recover from our injuries. We’ve come a long way from ice packs and alternate heat/cold treatments. While these methods are still effective, they won’t help you recover any quicker, and look positively outdated compared to what’s available. The star athletes use treatments like the whole body cryotherapy offered by Cryology. It’s a cold treatment technique, but an extreme one that delivers much quicker recovery times.

Work With Your Trainer

Most people, when they get injured, announce to the coaches they’re working with that they’ll need to take some time off and will see them when they’ve recovered. Pro athletes don’t do this. Instead, they continue to work with their trainer to boost their recovery. If you have professionals that you work with, mix up your routine once you’re injured; they’ll have better information on exercises to help heal injuries quickly than you do.

Sleeping it Off

There’s one secret about pro athletes that rarely gets talked about: they sleep, a lot. LeBron James sleeps twelve hours per night. Usain Bolt gets (or got, he’s now retired) eight to ten hours of sleep a night. They’re not doing because they’re tired from their exercise; it’s because the body recovers best when it’s at its maximum levels of rest, which it can only get when it’s doing nothing at all.


Finally, there’s one last factor that helps pro athletes recover from their injuries quickly: they’re motivated. It takes work for a body to heal itself, and athletes are willing to do all they can to help their body do its job. Have the same level of motivation, and you’ll notice your recovery periods dipping too.

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