The Personal Trainer’s Guide to Weight Loss

Given that now is the time of year when the New Year’s resolution starts to seem tough, it’s only right to look at some simple weight loss methods people can apply.  Luckily the good folks at Health and Fitness Education have provided a really nice infographic on the topic of weight loss, based on their considerable experience in this field.

Particularly interesting is the information on dividing your macronutrients based on your body type, something I had to learn the hard way!

So have a read and apply what works for you!


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  1. The macronutrient suggestions based off of body type is pretty interesting. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen that. Do you know of any good ways to determine your body type? I feel like I fall between 2 types from just the descriptions.

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it? I doubt any one falls strictly within one group so in my own case, I played around with the macronutrients until I found something that worked. As I have no problem putting on body fat I switched from a high carb intake (c. 40%) to a lowish percentage (20%). I found doing so really helped my energy and body composition. Nowadays I run something similar to a Ketogenic diet of 65% fats, 30% protein and 5% carbohydrates as I find it works well for me.

      What I’d suggest is choose the guidelines that roughly seem to match your situation and play around with them. I spent roughly 12 weeks at a time trying different macronutrient equations (whilst keeping the calories equal) before coming to a Keto style approach. It’s all experimenting really! The best advice is just to keep protein levels adequate (say 1.8grams per kg bodyweight) and experiment with carbs and fats!

  2. I was recently diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” and must lose like 50lbs asap. BTW, I am a meso-endomorph or an endo-mesomorph. I come from a strength background but must change my focus since I will be turning 60 soon.

    Peace ~ Bear

    1. Hi Bear, thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear about your health news. My father was on the same road a few months ago and has managed to lose (and keep off!) 60 pounds by incorporating a diet that is high fat, moderate protein and lowish in carbs. Since you’re from a strength training background something like the Anabolic Diet may be of interest or just a modified Keto approach. I find that low carb doesn’t affect my training and I would define myself as a meso-endomorph or an endo-mesomorph as well. Best of luck on your journey. 🙂

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    Interesting stuff. I come from a strength background but must loose like fifty pounds bw asap because I was recently diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” and will be turning sixty very soon.

    Peace ~ Bear

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