Guest Post: How to Make Work Outs More Fun


As they say, “Health is Wealth” and in order to earn this wealth, a person requires to not only maintain a balanced diet but, since a person is required to work hours in front of the computer or other working environment in order to earn the material wealth, this wealth also requires an effort, but the effort shifts from requiring to sit hours in front of a computer in an air-conditioned cabin or a 3X2 cubical to sweating it out by working out on different equipment in a gym. While work-out lowers the chances of chronic diseases, it reduces depression, boasts self-esteem and lowers the risk of obesity and osteoporosis (especially in women). While there are more than a billion reasons to work out, many people round the world, consider working out more as a “chore” rather than an enjoyable activity. If you are a person whose mind flashes a clear “no-no” sign when it comes to working out, here’s a list of things you can do to make your workout more fun:-

  1. Pumping up the beat

According to a research conducted on the physiological effects of music on the human body, the results suggested that music enhances respiration and heartbeat, making this uphill task much easier and enjoyable. A research conducted by the National Institute of Sports Medicine, listening to music high on bass or with motivational lyrics, such as “pump”, or “punch”, fortifies the features of a technique.

  1. Work-out in the outdoors

Fresh air is always helpful when it comes to physical activities. Working out in open air has more positive impacts on the human body as compared to exercising within a room of four-bricked walls. Working out outdoors re-energizes, decreases anger and anxiety, an increase in vitality and an overall increase in energy. A beautiful view around the hills with a flavor is a great driving force when it comes to working out outside.

  1. Competing yourself

Everything gets exciting when there’s a competition. Competitiveness is an in-build instinct. Whether it’s a race, or a game of chess or anything, a person pushes an extra inch to give his 100% in order to achieve something. Competition always brings the best out of you, so if you always find a competition, it becomes a lot easier to move forward.

  1. Reward Yourself

Whether it is humans or animals (dogs to be specific) everyone gets motivated by rewards and once you find that you would get rewarded, if you achieve something, that activity automatically, turns into an exciting and fun one. On achieving your daily workout goals, you do deserve to get rewarded by yourself.

Giving yourself a milkshake or a smoothie treat or a first aid kit that might come in handy when you hurt yourself while working out or a gift of new workout attire to on surpassing your comfort level, can actually result in making workout more fun and exciting and can actually result in improved results in a short span of time. But do take care that rewarding yourself quite often can sometimes have a negative impact on your workout routine as well.

  1. Workout with friends

There a lot of stuff which a person may enjoy doing alone, but workout isn’t one of them. A joke cracked while working out would not only make work-out fun but a friend might also help you identify mistakes in your workout routine. Such social activities would not only help you pump up the weights but would also help you interact with new people and discuss matters not relating to exercise, gym or workout. So, grab a friend and hit the gym.

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