Guest Post: Painful Feet – Causes, Precautions, Solutions And Appropriate Exercises

Many runners quit running due to foot pain which can often be chronic and quite debilitating. The problem is that some of the foot conditions are associated with running and other athletic activities. It is a shame that people give up to the pain and stop running or exercising because of these foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and other painful problems.

The bigger problem is that these conditions and other painful issues in the feet occur due to being overweight and inactive. This happens because of the bigger weight and strain of the body weight on the feet and the arches.
This is why, it is important to stay active even if you are suffering from soreness and pain in the feet!


Here are some tips on resolving the problems with foot pain, as well as some ideas of simple forms of exercise which can help you stay active, and keep you from gaining weight and putting an extra strain on those feet:

1. Identify the problem

You need to find out exactly what is causing the foot pain, in order to find a proper solution to resolve it.

– FLAT FEET – If the problem is low or fallen arches, physical therapy and appropriate inserts, orthotics and shoes can help improve the arch support and reduce the soreness. You can be born with flat feet, but the falling of the arches can also be cause by putting too much strain on the feet and wearing inappropriate footwear.

– HEEL PAIN – If you have heel pain this could be due to many different reasons. One might be the abnormal bone growths on the bottom of the heels, known as heel spurs. These are common for runners and jumpers, as well as for people with bad postures. Another one may be plantar fasciitis – a painful condition which is a result of repeat stress, injury or overuse of the foot that caused inflammation to the flat band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toe. Wearing shoes which provide sufficient shock absorption can help resolve the symptoms of this unpleasant condition. Quality is crucial, so make sure to choose one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis on the market.

– METATARSALGIA is associated with pain in the ball of the foot. It too can be caused by running, jumping and other activities that put extra strain on the feet, but most commonly, it is caused by wearing inappropriate and ill-fitting footwear. Morton’s Neuroma is another painful condition in the ball of the foot often caused by wearing too tight shoes or high heels.

2. What to do now that you have identified the reason for the foot pain?

Remember to find the most appropriate shoes for all activities you participate in. Get shoes which provide sufficient arch support and have enough cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and to absorb the shock from the impact with the ground. Also, always look for footwear which has enough toe space to be able to wiggle your toes freely.


Shoes which provide arch support are very important to keep you away from the painful inflammation called Plantar fasciitis.

Sufficient toe room is also crucial in order to prevent your toes from becoming deformed, bunions, and Morton’s neuroma. Look for appropriate brand and model of footwear which can offer excellent arch support and enough toe space for added comfort and to keep your feet from pain and soreness.

Choose shoes with great heel cushioning which is another important feature to look for when shopping for appropriate shoes to keep your feet comfortable and away from pain. Make sure to choose footwear, which keeps the foot “hugged” and cushioned at all times and during any kind of activity. This will help prevent heel spurs as well as other quite painful foot problems.

3. What kinds of exercising should I do to resolve the foot pain problems?

If you can’t run or do cardio because of the strong pain in your feet, there are still some exercises which require little impact. These low impact activities will help keep you in shape, and can help let your feet rest and heal.
You can do some swimming, which is an excellent fat burning exercise and applies no impact on the heels and feet.


Also, if you can’t swim, then do some running. How about trying out the 10,000 step per day program which has become world famous?

True, there is impact to the heels, arches and the feet when walking, but by wearing the appropriate walking shoes with sufficient arch support, cushioning and toe space, you shouldn’t do any further damage to your feet.

Cycling is another exercise which involves little foot impact and yet helps burn fat and tone the body.

If you want something less intensive, then try out some Yoga, which has little or no impact on the feet and yet helps you strengthen and tone the muscles and stay in shape. Also, make sure you are getting most of your workouts.

Take timely measures and precautions

Always pay attention to any changes, soreness and pain which appears in your feet. Even if it is a dull pain, it needs to be addressed, so that the condition doesn’t worsen and get more serious. Also make sure those feet don’t get too stinky, which itself can be a sign that attention is needed.

If you are a runner, jumper or other athlete, make sure you are always wearing the appropriate shoes, and try to stay away from high impact activities until the pain is resolved, or you can just worsen the situation if you continue putting a strain on your feet.

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