Why Dropping An (Vitamin) E Is Great Nutritional Advice


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When it comes to pills, the best ones to drop are A, C, and D. These are the three top vitamins which keep the body healthy and in shape. But, there is another vitamin which gets ignored. It’s vitamin E, and it has as many health benefits as all three of the above put together. “But, how can that be? I’ve never heard of it before!” E is one of the lesser known nutritional titans, yet the effects are irrefutable.

Below are the reasons why dropping an E is an excellent way to stay healthy.

Balances Cholesterol

Anyone who is looking to be healthy wants to avoid the C-word. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance in the body, yet it can get out of control. Once it oxidises and changes state, the high levels can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. Of course, this isn’t healthy, which is why your cholesterol levels need balancing. Studies show that vitamin E contains a powerful antioxidant which stops the process in its tracks. The Kyani Team Genesis Triangle of Health pack gets great reviews for this very reason. Regarding working out, lower levels of cholesterol lead to improved cardiovascular health.

Fights Free Radicals

No, free radicals aren’t an anarchist group looking to break up the state. They are single atoms with no electron. Because they don’t have a partner, they float around the body looking for one. If the electron they seduce is also single, this isn’t a problem. The issue occurs when they break down atoms that are together as the process disrupts healthy cells. The good news is that vitamin E contains the isomers alpha-tocotrienol and gamma-tocotrienol which help fight radical atoms. In terms of your immune system, there is no better reason to consume vitamin E.

Regulates Hormones

When your hormones are out of control, the side-effects are wide-ranging. From mood swings to high-stress levels, an imbalance isn’t a good feeling. Probably the worst effect, however, is weight gain. Yep, any kind of imbalance can lead the body to store fat it otherwise wouldn’t. Of course, from a health and fitness perspective, this is the last thing anyone wants to happen. It turns out that vitamin E plays a significant role in balancing the nervous system. As such, the main symptoms disappear very quickly. Avocado and mango are two great foods full of vitamin E.

Creates More Blood Cells

Red blood cells are the cornerstone of health and fitness. Without them, the blood doesn’t get to the muscles and exercise is futile. No training means excessive weight gain and the onset of diseases such as heart failure. There are lots of ways to increase red blood cells in the body, from training at altitude to consuming more iron. Probably the easiest way is digesting vitamin E. By regulating vitamins A and K in the blood, it encourages the body to produce additional RBC. The lifestyle benefits include longer workout sessions and dramatic weight loss.

If you want to take nutrition seriously, a vitamin E pill can be a way forward.


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  1. Honestly, I didn’t know these. I just have this habit of drinking all the supplements including vitamin E my mother hands me down when I was a kid. I still do the same these days and all I know is that they’re good for my body. Now I know. 🙂

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