Your Body Is An Engine, Give It The Right Fuel

If you put diesel into a petrol engine, your car isn’t going to run properly. Your body is exactly the same. If you want it to run at peak performance, you need to put the right fuel into it. We all know the benefits of cutting fat out of your diet, but too often, we focus on what we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies instead of what we should. It isn’t always about calories and protein; there are so many different parts of your body that all have their own specific requirements, and they all contribute to the overall state of your health. Building muscle and burning fat is only part of the battle, you need to start eating these foods to make sure everything else is in perfect working order.



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One of the things that makes dieting a hell of a lot harder for some people is having a slow metabolism. Your metabolism dictates how quickly you break down foods and how effectively you can burn up all of the calories in it. If you want to stay trim, boosting metabolism is the best way that you can do it. Chili is the best food for increasing your metabolism so you should try to get as much as you can into your diet. Food can get a bit dull when you’re trying to diet but chili is a great way to inject a bit of flavor into your meals while making your body work better at the same time.



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Avocados are a hugely popular food at the minute, and for good reason. Not only are they delicious, but they’re full of goodness that improves your bodily functions in a load of different ways. They have a high-fat content but the fat in them is good for you as long as you don’t go overboard. One of their main benefits is that they lower your blood pressure which can massively improve your brain function. This is particularly important as you get older.

Oily Fish


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Fish is often referred to as brain food because the Omega-3 oils in there help improve your brain health, but that isn’t their only benefit. When you’re working out regularly, your bones and joints are going to be under a huge amount of strain. Oily fish is the best way to keep them strong and healthy, so they can cope with your heavy workouts.

Sweet Potatoes


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Potatoes can get a bit dull, and all of those carbs can be pretty bad for your diet. But if you replace them with sweet potatoes, you get a more interesting and varied meal, and there are excellent health benefits as well. They massively improve bone strength which is just as important as well oiled joints when you’re hitting the gym regularly. They also contain high levels of vitamin A which strengthens your immune system so you never have to miss a workout because you’re at home in bed.

Adding all of these foods to your diet makes healthy eating a lot more interesting and keeps your body in tip top shape.

As always… Happy lifting!


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