Avoiding Fitness Faux Pas

Millions of people start new fitness plans every week. While they can life-changing moments for some, the vast majority fail to reach their goals. In most cases, though, it isn’t through a lack of effort. Instead, it’s due to the simple pitfalls.

Those mistakes can be very damaging on the road to fitness success. Here are three that you must look out for, along with what can be done to avoid those traps.



#1. “I’ll Get Fit At Home”

Taking control of your body is a personal journey, and we all want the easiest and most suitable route to success. In theory, removing the need for travel and additional efforts sounds a great idea. This is why many people opt for home workouts. Sadly, it could be the most damaging decision you’ll make.

Even the best workout DVDs will only offer limited results. Using a gym gives you an opportunity to use professional equipment. Moreover, you can pick up tips from coaches and other fitness enthusiasts.

Most importantly, though, working out in a commercial venue gives you an extra sense of motivation. When you know you have home gym equipment waiting to be used, it’s very easy to keep putting it off until tomorrow. Conversely, having paid for the gym membership, you’ll want to get value for money. Subsequently, that’ll challenge you to seek improved results too.

#2. “I’ll Just Follow The Best Routine”

Most people start the process with specific goals in mind. From losing belly fat to building stronger triceps, you’ll probably want to focus on that one area. It can be tempting to search the internet for one killer workout dedicated to getting results in this area. However, you must learn to do more.

The human body is a complex thing. Not only does it demand attention to all parts, but it can also adapt to workouts very quickly. This is why all routines must be varied. Following the same ones time and time again will only bring very limited results.

Furthermore, doing the same exercises on a monotonous loop will soon become quite tedious. Without that enjoyment, you’ll probably give up fairly soon. Once that happens, any progress will be lost.

#3. “I’ll Starve Myself Skinny”

Everyone should know that nutrition counts for over half of the battle. Generally speaking, those trying to add muscle tend to enjoy a more positive relationship with food. However, losing weight is the most common goal for the modern fitness newbie. Sadly, many fall into the trap of not eating enough.

Starving the body is counterproductive as it will slow the metabolism rate. Making smarter choices regarding the types of food you eat should generate long-term success. Try to avoid wasted calories, even if it simply means switching to different drinks on a night out. Those efforts will soon pay dividends.

Apart from anything else, losing weight should be sustainable. Choosing a diet that won’t last will only result in long-term regressions. As with every aspect of getting fit, as well as life in general, balance is the key.

As always… Happy Lifting!