Training Thoughts…The Importance of Diversity in a Solid Workout Routine

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Are you trying to lose some weight? Do you want to get your muscles toned? Or perhaps you just want to fit in that new outfit you bought and look fine doing it. No matter what drove you to a workout routine, it’s important that you understand the necessity of diversity. Being versatile in the type of exercises that you do will earn you a lot during your training. Before we get into what kind of difference you could implement, let’s take a look at what it means to have or not have diversity in a workout routine.

Not having diversity

When you only focus on one type of exercise, you are pretty much confining your body to grow in one area. If you want a particular part of your body to improve, that could be great, but only to an extent. After that, it’s just uneven planning and spending of resources. Without diversity, you can’t hope to find balance.

Having diversity

Now that you’ve read what it means not to have diversity, surely you understand the benefits that come with having it. It’s pretty much the other way around. Variety will help you develop uniformly and make sure that no part of your body is lacking. All the different parts of your body work in harmony and therefore should see equal treatment. Balance, in this case, is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of body functionality. Having massive legs but skinny arms don’t look good and aren’t helpful either.

What you can do to diversify your schedule

It can be quite easy to find variation in the kind of workout exercises you do. Here, we shall look at some of the easiest ways in which you could do that.

Challenge yourself to be better. Instead of just doing an exercise, put it in the form of a challenge. It will allow you to make use of your competitive side and push yourself. You learn about the 30 day squat challenge at

Focus by elimination. Determine which are the strongest parts of your body or the most exercised, then create a routine around the rest of them. Intertwine your previous workout with the new one so that you get a more balanced creation.

Compensate for the areas in which you lack. If you aren’t doing that well with the strength of your legs, do more squats and also forbid yourself from advancing with the training of other areas. For example, say to yourself that you won’t raise the bar for training your biceps until you manage to do at least 100 squats in one go. This will determinate you to push yourself in the right direction and to pick up the slack where it’s needed.

As always…Happy Lifting!


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