Jack Lalanne’s Power Drink (Playboy Magazine, 1984)


Coming from the 1984 Playboy interview previously covered on this website, the Lalanne ‘Power Drink’ serves as a timely reminder that one of the oldest physical culturists in the game was adamant about the importance of vitamins, minerals and copious amounts of vegetables. Let it serve as a timely reminder to eat, or in this case, drink, your greens!

Mainly, I have about 400 vitamin supplements for breakfast right after I work out. I put them in a blender and make a high protein drink. I use a quart of carrot and celery juice, half and half, then put in 2 heaping tablespoons of wheat germ, , 2 more of high strain brewers yeast, then a heaping tablespoon of bone meal and a banana. Then I put in 100 liver-yeast tablets, 15,000 milligrams of vitamin C, 2000 units of B, some boron and some zinc, also 75 alfalfa and kelp tablets. Then I blend and drink it. It’s one of the worst tasting health drinks you could have, but I still drink it, because it’s the perfect breakfast. It’s got about 40 grams of protein, all the B-complex vitamins, everything thats natural from the carrot and celery juices, the enzymes, the trace elements, calcium and potassium from the bone meal. And it’s very low in calories. After you work out like me, you’re not hungry; you’re thirsty.

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