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Jack Lalanne’s Power Drink (Playboy Magazine, 1984)

Coming from the 1984 Playboy interview previously covered on this website, the Lalanne ‘Power Drink’ serves as a timely reminder that one of the oldest physical culturists in the game was adamant about the importance […]

Muscle and Nutrition: When Paul Bragg met Bob Hoffman


The history of Bodybuilding and Physical Culture is full of those great ‘what if’ moments. What if Joe Gold never opened Gold’s Gym? What if Arnold never took up the sport? And what if drugs never infiltrated physique competitions?

Another great ‘what if’ moment that many of us are unaware of comes from the 1940s, when nutrition zealot Paul Bragg met with Bob Hoffman, the owner of York Barbell with a proposal to create nutritional supplements. Whilst the two men failed to collaborate, Bragg’s suggestion would later result in the birth of the modern day supplement industry.