Bradley Steiner, ‘ON GAIN WEIGHT SUPPLEMENTS’, The Hard Gainers Bible (1988)


I don’t believe in the heavy use of food supplements. Not for anyone. ESPECIALLY (and perhaps, surprisingly so to many) in the case of hard gainers, of all people! Why?

Hard gainers need COMPLETE, BALANCED NUTRITION. They need ir more definitely and more direcrlv than their easy-gaining brothers. THEY DON’T HAVE THE EXTRA-EFFICIENTMETABOLISMS NEEDED TO ASSIMILATE BOT-H THESUPPLEMENTS AND THE FULL, BALANCED MEAI,, INGREAT AMOUNTS. Far better for these people to use a small judicious amount of one or two really important supplements (like vitamin-mineral tablets and wheat germ oil) than to stuff their mouths with powders, pills and concoctions.

Despite what many of the advertisers say, their supplements are not “essential” to your growth. Most people who use supplements use way too many. Especially in the case of protein supplements which, except for hospital patients who can’t eat eggs, steaks, liver and who can’t drink milk, are almost completely a waste of money.

If you are so scrawny that you look funny you need a doctor, not a can of powder.-And if the doctor finds that there’s nothing organically wrong with you, you need large amounts of good, solid, nourishing food. Plus sensible exercise, a renewed, positivephilosophy of life, and plenty of rest and recuperation so that yourbody builds up in response ro your training efforts.

There is always the NATURAL, SANE, LOGICAL and OBVIOUS answer to the problem; so why look for spectacular promises that lead to frustration and disappointment? I assume you’ve had enough of that nonsense, and now, finally, you REALLY want to get to the top of that mountain.

There is one final item I want to discuss with you now before moving on to the next chapter and the next subject. It is the widespread use of anabolic steroid drugs in physical training.

Drugs in no way are ‘supplements’, of the nutritional, dietary type. True, all too many trainees have begun to supplement their workouts with drug use, but that is beside the point. Drugs are ALWAYS a potentially-dangerous threat to your health, even when administered by a medical doctor, and they should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OR CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF “HELPING” IN BODYBUILDING OR WEIGHT-LIFTING.

I know full well that what I say runs drastically contrary to popular usage of these steroid drugs in bodybuilding and lifting circles. Still, I maintain my position and I will not condone, accept, tolerate or sympathise with drug use in physical training – when encouraged by coaches, doctors or the unfortunately misinformed trainees themselves.

Being “number one”, having the biggest arms, being the best athlete in any particular field is NOT the most important thing in the world. Not when, to attain this, you must risk damaging or destroying your own precious health and your body. Strive,rationally, to enjoy yourself. Strive to build up, to grow and toparticipate to the best of your God-given (not drug-given) potential.Leave it at that. Eat well, exercise hard and strive to be a real Man -inside and out. If you do these things, honestly, persistently and with all of the power within you, your reward will be a million times more than any possible “reward” obtained through the use of a syringe, or a furtively hidden bottle of pills.

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