The Weider System of Progressive Barbell Exercise

Looking to workout like it’s 1960? Well come no further. Published in the mid-twentieth century, ‘The Weider System of Progressive Barbell Exercise’ was one of Joe Weider’s first attempts to introduce body-split training to the bodybuilding community. Divided into six different levels, from beginner to advanced, the Weider System adorned the walls of many old-school bodybuilding gyms.

Check out his first beginner programme below


For those unable to read the poster. This workout, aimed at the true beginner, composed of the following:

Chart One

1) Barbell Bench Press, Normal Grip

2) Bent Arm Lying Lateral

3) Stiff Arm Barbell Pullover

4) Strict Barbell Curl

5) Lying Triceps Curl (extension)

6) Bent Rowing, Normal Grip

7) Bentover Lateral

8) Side Lateral

9) Forward Lateral

10) Press Down, Neck Resistance

11) Wrist Curl, Palms Down

12) Flat Footed Squat

13) Standing Calf Raise

14) Leg Raise

This full-body routine would be done until the trainee had adapted to the rigours of weight training. Although Joe regularly changed his rep/set schemes, somewhere in between 3-4 sets for 8-12 reps on each exercise was encouraged. Equally important was progressively overloading the weight as the weeks continued.

As beginner programmes go, there’s a lot to be said for it.