Weight Concerns in the United Kingdom


A recent study by the University College London has come out with some interesting results.

Using data collected from over 56,000 people across five decades, researchers have found that those born in the 90s onwards are more likely to be overweight or obese than previous generations. What’s more, it appears people are becoming overweight earlier in there lives.

The study found that people born in the 1940s were on average likely to become overweight in their mid-40s versus those in their late 20s and earlier for the newer generations.

The 1980s is shown by the researchers to be the tipping point with regards to a rapid increase in unhealthy weights. The causes are still up for debate but many of us will have a fair idea it revolves around cheap calorie dense foods, a lack of support and poor physician activity options that contribute to an ‘obesogenic environment’

Scary food for thought…

The study can be found by clicking here and is well worth a read.

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