Robert Prosinečki: Decorated, destructive, damned

Check out my latest post on Robert Prosinečki, the skilled Croatian playmaker who graced both the Camp Nou and Fratton Park!

These Football Times

IN FEBRUARY 2002, 12,000 FANS packed themselves into Fratton Park to see former Real Madrid and Barcelona maestro Robert Prosinečki score a scintillating hat-trick against Barnsley. What should have been an easy three points for Pompey soon descended into lunacy as Graham Rix’s side threw away a two goal lead to tie the game 4-4. Prosi was rumored to have left the ground still covered in mud and barging past the Portsmouth faithful, lamenting his wasted hat-trick.

In many ways the game signified everything right and wrong about Prosinečki’s life in football. Since beginning his career in the early-90s, Prosinečki had experienced great highs marred even greater lows. Part of Croatia’s golden generation, who finished third at the 1998 World Cup, Prosinečki was once tipped to be Europe’s greatest star, a title he would never truly capture. Despite stints at both Real Madrid and Barcelona, Prosinečki’s misfortune saw him riddled with injuries…

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