Guest Post: The Exciting History of Detox: How Did It Start?


How do you get rid of toxins in your body? The concept of body cleansing and purification has been around for a while. Has it been effective? Yes, in fact, some ancient detoxification techniques are still in use today.

Some of the ancient detox methods in use today include fasting, saunas, dry brush, rebounding, herbs, water, rest, meditation, and exercises. Tea detox (simply referred to as teatox) is another popular tool for cleansing body toxins and losing weight. It increases your mental performance and helps you to remain alerted and focused.

Today we take a look at the history of detox. The detox process dates back to ancient days of the Greek, Roman, Indian and Native American cultures. Traditional herbal medicine has been and continues to be used by many cultures across the world.

Have you heard about holistic health options? Some tend to see it as a trend instead of seeing it as a shift in the cultural perspective. The irony is that, even with the modern detox techniques, the more they trend towards holistic and natural healthcare, the more they move towards the ancient practices.

By the end of this article, we believe you will have gotten the answers to some of these questions and developed a deeper understanding of some of the detoxification methods that have been around for a while.

How Did the Ancient Society Handle Toxins?
It is pointless to detox as the body should be able to detoxify itself without being helped. Have you heard about this assertion? Most likely you have been made to believe that the detox products sold in the health stores are just but a scam. Whereas it’s true that the body has is designed to detox on its own, more and more chemicals have been introduced into the environment, making advanced detoxification more of necessity.

Taking a look through history shows that toxins have been around for a while. Some heavy metals have been around for centuries. Despite their toxicity, they have been mostly considered powerful and beneficial to the ancient society.

All the key ancient civilizations have a mention of mercury in their stories. In fact, Mercury was feared and idolized from one generation to another. By 2000 BC, there were already records of lead toxicity within the Roman aristocracy. Most of the detoxification methods before were used to combat the massive toxin overload resulting from the utilization of these metals.

Ayurveda is one of the ancient forms of medicine in the world have originated from India. This medicine which mainly takes the form of a herbal formulation, which we use for detoxification.

Another ancient system of healing is the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This system relates to the modern concept of chiropractors which treats toxins as a disturbance in the body which must be removed. The tools used in this system such as Acupressure and Acupuncture have continued to gain popularity even in recent decades.

The ancient Biblical society also has regulations relating to dietary restrictions, aromatic cleansing, and physical cleansing. The Greeks and the Romans have sweat baths where a person sits in a hot, humid room for a particular time frame to relax his/her body and mind. The concept behind this sweating is to shed accumulated toxins within the body.

The Methods That Stood the Test of Time
The ancient Egyptians used colonic irrigation as a detoxing technique. They believed that the cause of fever is by toxins formed when decomposition happens within the intestines. What does colonic irrigation involve? It involves pumping water through the anus into the colon to release the matter within the bowel.

The colonic irrigation method is still there today and mainly used in decongesting the body and clearing out the waste. The method ensures that toxins have been expelled from the digestive system.

Another technique used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks is Coffee Enemas. The German scientists discovered in the 1920s that coffee could be used as a detox to stimulate the liver. Just like the colonic irrigation, the solution is inserted through the anus and allowed to settle in the body for about 10 minutes before it is released.

The Coffee Enemas method works by opening the bile duct and stimulating the liver to work more efficiently. Today you can use the same approach but under the guidance of a medical expert to avoid anal infection. You can also use the teatox method to assist you in reducing weight. In fact, the best teatox is helpful in suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, burning fat and giving you a natural energy boost.

The traditional Chinese used the Foot Detox Pads method. They firmly believed that the body sends its toxins as far away as possible from the heart. This process involves sticking detox pads on the sole of your feet when you go to sleep at night. In the morning these pads appear darker due to some toxins they would have absorbed.

The Foot Detox pads work by stimulating the pressure points on your feet to draw out toxins. The vinegar contained in these pads is excellent for stimulating circulation in your body. Today these pads can still be used alongside other detoxifying techniques.

Another method that has been used by Europeans for centuries is the Dry Skin Brushing. This process involves brushing your skin for a few minutes using a dry brush each day. It works by opening up the pores in your skin so that your body can detoxify entirely.

The Dry Skin brushing method removes dead cells accumulated on your skin and enhances the immune system and circulation. Most salons today will offer you this brushing as a treatment before performing a skin therapy or massage. The technique can eliminate both internal and external toxins.

Lessons Learned From the History of Detox
A closer look at the ancient methods of detoxification reveal the basic principles that any advanced detox must have. Are there any unifying concepts in these methods? Yes, they include:

a) Removing the Source
A method like Ayurvedic teaches you to focus on removing toxins from the body to prevent build up. Avoiding products contaminated with heavy metals is critical in minimizing the toxic load in your body.

b) Including Botanicals
The ancient cultures used botanicals for internal and external use to remove toxins. Supplementation, for instance, has been used by detox experts in freeing the body of toxic accumulation. Plant life plays a crucial detox role from the air we breathe to the herbs we take to detox our bodies. Skilled herbalists and aromatherapists can assist you to get the supporting botanicals ideal for detox purposes.

c) Stimulating Natural Detox
You should work hard to support your body’s effort in detoxing naturally. The liver plays a significant role in detoxing your body. Your body is always working hard to analyze, clean and clear toxins from head to toe. You, therefore, need to support the body do this role by removing the obstacles that may hinder it detox well.

Some traditional food recipes are beneficial to your body when it comes to detoxification. A good example is Beet Kvass from Russia which helps in improving the detox pathways. A modern example like Teatox also helps you shed several pounds. So next time you complain about toxicity in your body, you know the type of food to blame!

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