Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat) – Heavy Iron Training Video

Owing to the sad news that Fred Hatfield, or ‘Dr. Squat’ as he was more affectionately known, has passed, it seemed important to produce a small post on a man who gave real legitimacy to the iron game both in terms of his weightlifting feats and also his writing. Over the next few weeks we’ll delve in to Dr. Squat’s training advice and career but to begin I wanted to post about a training video produced many years ago.

Entitled ‘Heavy Iron’ the video was a fantastic resource for lifters in the pre-Youtube age, and indeed many of the older heads in my gym used to rave about it. Through the wonders of broadband, the video is now available in two parts thanks to Joesph Lynch’s Youtube account.

Without spoiling too much, I would highly recommend looking at the video below. It’s short, informative and contains a series of hints, tips and routines that will benefit anyone’s training.

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