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Frederick C. Hatfield, ‘Get Lazy for Best Muscle Gains’ (1991)

Three in the afternoon …fading fast. Workout’s at five. Gotta get psyched. Maybe take a walk or something. Coffee? That’s the ticket. I’m dead! If science has shown us anything about the mid afternoon slump […]

Frederick C. Hatfield, Dr. Deadlift (Powerlifting USA, Vol 10 No 4. Novemeber/1986)


It’s a little known fact that the eruption of Mr. St. Helens, and the continuing subterranean growls in the area, are purely mythic.  What really happened up there in the land of perpetual rain and majestic mountains was that Doyle Kenady took a heavier than normal deadlift workout.  It’s not a coincidence that those after-rumblings ceased on a certain day in April of this year.