Guest Post: 5 Extreme Sports You Need To Check Out

In a modern urban environment, it’s sometimes hard to find new challenges and get your blood pumping with excitement. These experiences are precious – they make us feel invigorated and help us push the limits of our abilities. Extreme sports are the best way to experience such thrills and also meet new people who enjoy similar risk-taking activities.

Participating in these sports takes a lot of preparation. Moreover, following the rules and safety instructions is imperative. The excitement isn’t going to be worth your while if you don’t come back in one piece, so make sure to inform yourself on all the possibilities and necessary precautions.

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Zip lining

It’s as simple as it sounds – the experience consists of zipping above the rainforest at around 100 mph. It’s a part of the standard tour when visiting Costa Rica, but the longest (and therefore the fastest) zip line can be found in South Africa. Zip lining is perfectly safe and available for anybody over 12 years old. Those who have tried it say that it’s nothing like bungee jumping or parachuting. It’s the closest thing to flying you’re ever going to experience without aircrafts being involved.

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The great thing about kayaking is that you can make it as extreme as it suits your temperament and fitness level. Those who want to enjoy in peace and quiet can just paddle down the river away from the crowd. For those with a bit more courage and experience in kayaking, there are much more dangerous and thrilling options. So-called creeking includes running ledges, slides, and waterfalls and demands superior upper body strength. It can also be arranged in a form of racing if you’re traveling with a group of friends or want to meet some new people who enjoy doing the same.

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Extreme biking

Going down a rough biking path is far different from riding your bike to work. It’s exhilarating and incredibly physically challenging. For instance, there’s a bike trail in Bolivia that is basically a 40 miles long narrow ditch complete with hard bends and cliff drops. The only thing to make the road easier is beautiful mountaintop scenery overlooking the rainforest. For this kind of ride, proper safety equipment and other useful motorcycle accessories are imperative. Beside the helmets and goggles, warm and waterproof jackets could also come in handy because it can get really cold up there.

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Ice climbing

Ice climbers climb frozen waterfalls and other ice formations using axes and equipment similar to that of rock climbers. Colorado has the first park devoted exclusively to fans of this sport, but Canada is very popular with ice climbing enthusiasts as well. Finding the right boots and clothes that won’t get too wet and freeze is a necessity for even trying to ice climb. Also, no matter how experienced of a rock climber you are, don’t try it without a professional instructor. The climb is much different with icy surface.

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Cave diving

Diving into a water-filled hole in the ground with no end in sight is kind of similar to scuba diving, but it should be left only to those with enough experience. Caves in Mexico and Florida are best suited for diving, and they attract hundreds of divers every year. Previous experience with double oxygen tanks and rebreathers is more than necessary, and it’s also good to have some practice swimming blind because visibility can get pretty low down there.

Extreme sports shouldn’t be taken lightly, but after some careful preparation and proper training, they provide real thrills and can easily become life-long habits for everyone who tries them.

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