Reg Park’s 500 Pound Bench Press (1954)

Supposedly the first Bodybuilder to bench press 500 pounds, Reg Park represents one of the most iconic physiques within the Iron Game. You can imagine my delight then when I discovered a video of the great feat in action.

According to Health and Strength Magazine, Park bench pressed 500 pounds in Wales on July 8th, 1954 and pressed 460 pounds for two reps in Belfast later that month. One word: strong.

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  1. John Grimek was another very very strong bodybuilder from back in the day. It’s safe to say that Reg Park & John Grimek were the two strongest bodybuilders from 1950-1960.

    1. Absolutely. Grimek was one of the most impressive bodybuilders of his age. Not many would have commanded the same respect from weightlifters that Grimek could!

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