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Just a quick word of thanks to everyone who voted in Common Ground Network’s Publisher Prize. My book, The History of Physical Culture won the prize thanks, in no small part, to the votes from people who read my work every week on this website.

I began this website in 2014 and, scarily, am nearly at it ten years later. I’ve written posts once a month, three times a week and now, once a week. Never would I have believed that so many people would express an interest in the history of strength, or that I would meet such interesting people through this work.

Thank you all! And for anyone interested, the book is available here. My thanks again to Jörg Krieger and Lindsay Parks Pieper  for giving me the opportunity to write the handbook and to Jan Todd for all of her help with revising it. This was a great project to work on, supported by great people. So thank you. Yes I have thought about referring to myself as ‘award winning author’ and yes my wife has informed me that that will not be happening.

As always… Happy Lifting!

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