8 Sports And Activities That Can Keep You Active

Staying fit is a force of a habit that we have to grow into. If we don’t stay active then we become unfit and that can cause health concerns. There are many activities to do if you aren’t already in a routine. An important way of staying fit is to plan your exercises or activities. Setting yourself a goal is key for seeing great results.

Once you have set yourself a goal or target you can push yourself to the next level. Here are some activities you could get involved in to stay fit.

  1. Jogging/Running – This is great cardio work and works numerous parts of your body.
  2. Football – Mostly involves running but it is the most played sport in the world.


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  1. Rugby – Very physical sport, more for stronger bodied people.
  2. Weight lifting – Even if you can’t lift too much to start off with don’t worry as the more you exercise the more weight you can add on if it feels like it’s getting a little easy.
  3. Mountain biking – This may sound odd but mountain biking is quite a growing activity. If you don’t already own a bike there is a comparison guide to choose the best mountain bike. It’s also a great way to get outdoors and stay fit.
  4. Hockey – Another growing sport thanks to media coverage from recent Olympic Games. Hockey is a sport which uses cardio and strength. It is also a fun team game if you have a group of friends who can join you.
  5. Tennis – You need a partner for this sport because in tennis you need to receive the ball as well as serving and returning. Balance, agility and cardio are key within this sport.
  6. Swimming – This activity can be as casual or intense as you prefer. All of your body will be working to push through the tension of the water and it can be quite tiring.

All of these activities and sports can be organised with your friends so you can get yourself into a routine. Before exercising we need some form of motivation. To be physically fit you have to be mentally fit. Thinking positively will give you better results and actually getting them results will boost your morale.

If you do start to fall out of a routine just think how things were when you were in one. Most sports and activities involve cardio in some form. But it isn’t just all about exercise. Your diet is key to your fitness and health.

Eating right is important and it’s not just about what we eat but how much in moderation. Many different dieticians will tell you different ways to eat but you can eat how you want and what you want just as long as you can control your intake. Just like working out, you can get into a routine of an eating habit. As long as you can control what you eat it should be no problem.

If you do realise that you are getting out of shape or want to get motivated to do some activities, get a friend to help you out. You can then motivate them too and help them out with their goals as well as yours.

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