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Being part of a team, whether it’s for football, weight lifting, a mixed martial arts or boxing camp, is a really big thing. You’re part of a competing, tightly knit unit of people who all have the same goals and drives, so it’s something you should treat as well as you can! The key to success is preparation, so read on to learn about the 3 things that are essential to having a well organized team.


Having a team uniform is incredibly beneficial for your team, in a way that most people don’t expect. From an outside view, a uniform is just something that people wear when they play, however it means much more than that. A uniform firstly gives all of your members a sense of belonging, it’s something they can show off and be proud of so it makes them more loyal. This makes people perform better believe it or not, if they feel like they belong they have more energy to put into the sport rather than worrying about whether or not they belong there. In team sports, uniform is much more important. If all of your players are used to seeing each other in their uniform, it means they’ll be able to react to things much quicker because they’re used to seeing everyone in it, meaning they have more time to react to something. You can get uniforms from companies like cisco athletic, so you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already.

Regular Training Times

Keeping a regular training schedule is key to success. A lot of teams get it wrong by having sporadic training time, changing it every week means that some people aren’t going to be able to attend, which means that you’re going to have problems. It’s easier and more effective to have it on the same day, at the same time each week. You can organize things like this with google calendar, give everyone access to the account so everyone can see what days training is on so you can better coordinate who is going to arrive.

Don’t Make It More Serious Than It Needs To Be

For any of us that has quit a team, there are usually only 3 reasons; your interest in the sport is lacking, you’re joining a better team or the big one; the training is too serious. By this we mean coaches shouting at people who just want to have fun and train, or the opposite way around! You’re going to have to judge for yourself if your team training is too serious, people aren’t going to pay to get shouted at, so you have to think wisely and know when to just have fun with it!

As long as you follow all of these things, your team is going to be organized and will be held in high esteem by other teams. You’ll have a well made uniform so that everyone can recognize each other and feel proud, you’ll have regular training that everyone can make and you’ll be taking it seriously enough to do well, but not to annoy people! Sports wear has been around for ages, and sometimes when you’re trying to design something for your team it’s good to get inspiration, which you can find here.

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