Guest Post: The Evolution of Indoor Golf

For many people who enjoy playing golf one of the biggest obstacles they face is the weather. Since golf used to be a sport most commonly practiced outdoors, the weather played a huge role.

This brought forth the need to create an environment where golfers would be able to enjoy their favorite sport regardless of the weather. And that’s how indoor golf was created.

The popularity of indoor golf is on a continuous and steady rise ever since it was invented. Needless to say, the technology that was used in the early days is nowadays entirely replaced with more modern alternatives.

The use of modern tech not only makes everything look better which, in turn, provides a far better experience but it also offers better-refined data. That being said, let’s take a look at the evolution of indoor golf.

The early days

The first-ever indoor golf simulator was created in the early 1970s. Of course, since the technology back then was quite primitive compared to what we have today, these simulators were quite simple as well.

The early golf simulators consisted of computerized sensors that were placed on practice nets. However, this technology was not able to accurately determine the distance or the accuracy of the swing.

Of course, over time, this technology advanced to the point of including sophisticated microphones placed around the impact screen. By doing so, it was much easier to calculate the impact based on the sound the impact produced.

Tech advancements

Ever since the early days of indoor golf simulators, the technology used only continued to advance.

Nowadays, the technology that’s being used offers a much more immersive experience.

Computerized sensors and the microphones that we’ve mentioned earlier are now replaced by optical sensors, infrared technology, and, in some places, even AR and VR technology.

This new tech enables you to accurately calculate and estimate your every move, including your alignment, aim, and swing.

Needless to say, all data gathered can now easily be used not only to practice your aim and swing but also to perfect your overall skills.

Real-deal experience

With the use of the latest technology, golfers can nowadays have a true real-deal experience when playing golf indoors.

Paired with the latest software solutions, you can now even choose to play on one of the world’s most popular courses. One of the most obvious drawbacks of indoor golf used to be quite short games.

But nowadays even this issue is being eliminated. Gofers can now enjoy a full 18 holes game in their favorite indoor golf club.

Aside from this, many indoor golf simulators also use various sensor mats that are designed to mimic different types of putting greens.

On top of that, sophisticated optical sensor systems and camera systems are also integrated into the play area.

The advantages of indoor golf

One of the most obvious advantages of indoor golf is the fact that it is not affected by any weather conditions since it’s played indoors.

Being able to comfortably play in a controlled environment makes indoor golf increasingly popular among players.

Additionally, indoor golf simulators offer the opportunity to practice and play your favorite game year-round. This is particularly appealing for golfers who live in areas where the outdoor conditions are unfavorable during the majority of the year.

On top of that, as mentioned earlier, every indoor golf game is tracked and monitored. What this means is that you can easily use all the data collected during your playing sessions to perfect and improve your skills.

Indoor golf around the world

With everything we’ve mentioned, it becomes quite understandable that indoor golf has become quite popular around the world.

In the olden days, golf was mostly reserved for people who had a lot of time – and money – on their hands. But with the invention of indoor golf simulators, everyone can nowadays enjoy this fun game.

Of course, the price of an indoor golf session will vary from center to center but they are usually far more affordable than even the cheapest outdoor golf course.

Online golf lessons

In the end, we simply can’t talk about the evolution of indoor golf without mentioning online golf lessons.

Yes, you can nowadays learn how to play golf online. Aside from a plethora of free online tips and lessons, you can also easily find indoor golfing centers that offer more customized solutions.

So, if you’re not looking for those one-size-fits-all solutions, do know that you can easily find lessons that are tailored to you personally.

The technological advancements surely made the world of indoor golfing way different from what it used to be in the early days.

New solutions entirely changed the game for the better. And since technology is constantly evolving, we can only imagine what the future will bring.

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