Guest Post: Quantify Your Health

Having recently become a slave to a Fitbit, I’ve become interested in how we can use statistics to track and improve our help. By chance, the good folks at got in touch with a new infographic giving some quick and easy ways to start improving your health today.

So have a read and apply what works for you!


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      1. Yeah I’m trying to get started quantifying various things on my blog right now, so I’ll definitely try to incorporate some of these. Any that you’ve had personal experience with?

      2. As I mentioned briefly in the post, I’ve been using a Fitbit for the past fortnight and find that very useful for general wellbeing i.e. get off your ass and walk! In the past I’ve tracked calories and macronutrient levels to a tee. That was for a specific purpose though. Overall I find its a useful strategy, especially with a goal in mind. Will be sure to check out your blog and see how you are getting on. Love health statistics!

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