Guest Post: Why Swimming Every Day is Good for You

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New Year’s Eve is a good moment to set resolutions and make some changes in your life. Most resolutions are health related, which is kind of fitting because that’s the most literal self- improvement one can make. Consider swimming as an alternative to fitness program. It has all the benefits of a serious work-out, without any of the downsides, and it doesn’t feel forced or repetitive.


Swimming can be called a low impact cardio meaning that it puts less stress on the joints. This makes it a good choice for those recovering from an injury, or a medical procedure. It’s also easier than regular cardio exercises, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are just starting to work on their health and fitness. This, however, doesn’t mean that swimming is easy – you will definitely feel tired and worn out after you’re done. On the other hand, after a good night’s rest, and with a proper diet, you won’t need a rest day at all.

Muscle tone and strength

Water is about 12 times denser than air. That makes every move you make in it a small resistance exercise. Also, all other fitness activities focus on a specific group of muscles, making you take turns in developing each group individually. With swimming, you’re working on your entire body at once. For beginners, swimming itself is a valid exercise, because you have to keep moving or sink. As times goes by and the workout becomes easier – you can start additional exercise designed for improving strength. Adding weights to your legs is the simplest way to do it and it doesn’t require too much focus on the technique you’re using.

Turning back time

Swimming is the best cure for aging. Those who swim on a regular basis are biologically 20 years younger than their actual age. Look into swimming pools if you want to cut your cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure, and stay fit. Swimming also helps with the overall cardiovascular performance.  These issues, although potentially dangerous, are not the hardest part of aging. The thing that hits us the hardest is losing cognitive function. Research shows that swimming will keep your mind sharp. It’s never too early to start thinking about the future.

Burning calories

People often equate exercise with losing weight. This might not be true for all types of exercises, but it’s definitely true for swimming.  Depending on the style and the intensity of your training, you can burn significantly more calories than you could by running. Swimming for 10 minutes – breast stroke style – burns 60 calories, 100 calories with a freestyle and 150 with a butterfly stroke. For instance, running a 10-minute mile will burn 100 calories. That means that half an hour of butterfly swimming is 150 times more effective than running for an equal amount of time. Plus, you won’t get sweaty in water.


Simply put – swimming makes you happier. But, more importantly, swimming can help with the long-term psychological health as well. Those who swim regularly have more energy to deal with everyday issues, and they tend to be more productive. It was also proven that swimming at the end of the day helps with insomnia and other sleep problems. Novice and professional swimmers can equally benefit from this activity. Depression, tension, confusion and anger can be managed, or even cured, if you follow a firm swimming schedule.

Swimming is one of the most effective and healthy exercises. Set your mind to it and start swimming as soon as possible and you’ll feel the effects soon enough.

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