Guest Post: The Benefits of Physical Therapy Go Beyond Your Imagination


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Maintaining a good physical health is extremely important for you because it’s closely related to your mental health. However, even after knowing that a healthy body is really crucial, people often fail to take necessary steps towards improving their fitness levels.

In today’s world wherein you have to struggle with cut-throat competition 24/7, it becomes even more important for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you work in a corporate firm, then it’s natural for you to spend long hours in front of your PC, which plays a huge role in diminishing your health.

The pressure of meeting stringent deadlines creates a lot of stress which can even transform into depression after a period of time. Providing quality output to your clients is a great challenge and due to that, you have to spend extra hours in the office. In fact, when you are unable to finish your project on time, you have to get ready to deal with the anger and frustration of your boss. And after such a tough day in office when you return back to your home in the evening, you don’t even find the strength to enjoy your dinner with your loved ones.

On top of that, if you suddenly meet with a road accident or a workplace injury, your life truly becomes hell. You get so frustrated with your life that you fail to find ways of staying healthy and productive.

Whether you struggle with a serious sports and workplace injury or a severe neck and back pain, the first thing that you need to do is consult a good doctor. Depending upon your condition the doctor prescribes relevant medications so that you can recover soon. Sometimes your doctor also suggests you go for physical therapy, apart from prescribing the necessary medications.

However, even though your doctor insists you to meet a good physical therapist, you often ignore its importance and due to which you fail to recover from your illness immediately. Skipping physical therapy is never a good idea because a physical therapist helps in enhancing your knowledge about your illness and they always focus on treating the underlying causes of your problem. In fact experts also believe that you need to think several times before skipping physical therapy if your doctor has suggested the same.

Here is why you should meet a physical therapist to treat your illness.

Get A Comprehensive Idea About Your Illness

When you consult a certified therapist, they try to make your comfortable at the first place. And since they are so friendly, you describe each and everything associated with your physical illness to them. In addition to that, your therapist may also ask you to share your medical history, and you must do that immediately because it helps in identifying the underlying cause of the problem.

Physical Therapy Is Also Important For Dealing With Mental Illness

If you are suffering from a mental illness like anxiety disorder, eating disorder, alcohol addiction, or post traumatic stress disorder, then taking physical therapy services can prove to be really important for you.

The most common problem that is faced by the mental illness patients is that they are never comfortable to share anything about their condition to anyone. Whether you talk about alcohol addicts or post traumatic stress disorder patients, they don’t even feel comfortable to talk about their illness to their own family members. In the beginning, they don’t even accept that they have a problem, but when their condition starts to deteriorate, they do realize that something is seriously wrong with them. However, even after accepting the problem, they find it really difficult to share it with others, and due to that, they fail to treat it effectively.

But consulting a good physical therapist can solve your problem to a great extent. As we have already discussed that physical therapists are highly friendly health care professionals, you do not feel uncomfortable while sharing your problem with them. It becomes easy for them to treat your problem when they know your exact condition.

Physical Therapy Techniques Have No Side Effects

Whether you talk about treating a physical injury or a mental illness, if you take only drugs and medications prescribed by your doctor, there are chances that you may struggle with their side effects. Since the drugs and medications prescribed by the doctor are meant for providing quick relief from pain and discomfort, they can always have side effects on your body.

The kind of medications that are prescribed by the doctors for patients suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety disorder which largely include antidepressants, buspirone, and benzodiazepines etc., can actually have huge side effects if they fail to take necessary physical therapies.

It means, if you use physical therapy techniques to treat your illness or pain you won’t face any types of side effects.

According to HealthQuest Physical Therapy – an award winning PT clinic, patients should go for therapy when the risks of medicines outweigh the rewards or the pain lasts 90 days.

A Balanced Treatment Plan is Created For Healing Your Illness

One of the best parts of choosing PT for reducing pain and treating your illness is that your therapist develops a balanced treatment plan with the assistance of your doctor that helps in improving your condition really fast.

Apart from important medications, the treatment plan consists of a variety of important exercises and manual therapy techniques which help in reducing pain and discomfort drastically.

The kind of treatment plan that is tailored by a physical therapist helps in improving your confidence level and self-esteem. It’s also very important when it comes to motivating you to lead a healthy life. Effective exercises such as endurance training, muscle flexibility exercises, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, muscle strengthening and general mobility exercises etc., help in improving your fitness level like anything.

You Return To Your Normal Life Soon

When you follow the treatment plan developed by your therapist effectively, you will return to your normal activities soon. For example, if you are suffering from a physical injury in your leg, you may start walking and enjoy sports soon. Generally, it happens that due to the pain and the kind of discomfort that you face, you stop performing daily activities, but with the implementation of PT techniques your condition improve quite fast and because of that you resume your daily activities quickly.

Last but not the least, if you want to improve the quality of your life by recovering from your illness immediately, you must go for physical therapy.

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  1. I had no idea that you could be hurt by medications for mental illness if you don’t also do physical therapy. I have been on anxiety medication for a few months now, and I was wondering if there was anything else I should do. I can see how it would be nice to also do physical therapy that way I don’t have to worry about any extra health problems sneaking up on me.

    1. Hi Scott, thanks so much for stopping by. I’m not in any sense a trained medical professional but from my own experiences with anxiety I found a healthy diet, regular sleeping pattern and good exercise regime have really helped. Similarly CBT meditation and other forms of meditation have been a godsend for me.

      I hope you are doing well today and remember that you’re not alone with your anxiety. It can truly affect all of us at any time!

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