5 Craziest Diets: Ancient Diets that People Have Forgotten

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Most modern diets include the Keto (or Ketosis) diet, and water diets (where you only drink water for prolonged periods of time). Ketosis works very well, and it’s ingenious; give it a look when you have the time – it might surprise you! But what are some of the weirdest diets that people in our history have given us? Are there diets crazier than the infamous water diet (it’s inherently dangerous to intake only water as your body won’t get everything it needs to function properly)? Did our ancestors also have a fast metabolism diet?

As a matter of fact, there are. Some of the diets on this list are downright crazy, while others might seem genius. The verdict on each of them is up to you, but they’re pretty wild! Here are the 5 craziest ancient diets that people have forgotten.

The Chewing Diet

Created in the Edwardian Era, this diet consisted of chewing food for a long period to absorb everything into the body. The creator, Horace Fletcher, created the diet to reduce constipation in people, as he thought that improper chewing could lead to digestive tract issues.

However, the diet only worked because it required the person eating to chew a minimum of 32 times, which would often take around a minute. People often got bored of having to eat that they started eating less, which is why Fletcher lost 40 pounds in four months as well.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

When this was introduced, it was considered the next big diet. And the diet, theoretically, works great. But what’s the problem with this diet? Well, sedating yourself for days isn’t quite healthy now, is it? On the plus side, you will lose quite a lot of weight, but this is mainly due to starvation. It can also get dangerous for the person practicing this since it might even cause death (starvation and reckless sedation are pretty big factors in this). Imagine sleeping for more than 30 hours and getting up to only eat once. Crazy times, huh?

The Blood Type Diet

In the past, people thought that each blood type has a specific set of foods that are good for them. Type A blood type was considered to be vegetarian-oriented. Type O blood type was supposed to get rid of grain and grain products completely. Type B, on the other hand, was told to intake lots of dairy products. And you can see why this was dangerous; imagine being lactose intolerant and drinking milk because someone told you that your blood type is best for dairy intake.

The Caveman Diet

This diet isn’t even half bad. It revolves around the use of food that people in the Paleolithic period used to eat. However, the diet itself isn’t limited to eating raw food and instead allows for the use of cooking (since cavemen of that age did cook their food). The foods you’re looking at in this diet are veggies, fruit, fish, lean meat, nuts, and roots. Salt, sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, and oils aren’t allowed. The only thing your body might be low on is calcium, but other than that, it’s not nearly as dangerous as the rest of the diets on this list.

The Tapeworm Diet

And we reach the most dangerous and downright silly diet. Eating live tapeworms so they can consume the food that’s supposed to be getting into your stomach and dissolved into nutrients. This diet is dangerous because adult tapeworms can cause dementia, meningitis, and seizures. It was allowed to sell and purchase pill-form tapeworms in the 20th century, but this has since been outlawed.

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