Sumo Wrestling at the World’s Strongest Man

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the World’s Strongest Man Competitions have used a variety of tests to determine one’s strength. In the past this has included deadlifting blocks of cheese, running with refrigerators and the iconic Atlas Stones. Some events become mainstays while others, like the aforementioned cheese deadlifts slip quickly from our memory. Today’s short post deals with one such short lived event.

In 1982, the World’s Strongest Man competition boasted a series of now legendary athletes. Names like Bill Kazmier, Dave Waddington and Geoff Capes among others. While Kaz was undoubtedly that year’s most dominant athlete, his fellow competitors nevertheless put up a strong showing. This was undoubtedly the case in the event’s final event, the Sumo Wrestling contest, eventually won by Curt Marsh.

While I cannot find the full event online, the below video gives a glimpse into one of the most bizarre, but to my mind entertaining events, to feature at the games.

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