Guest Post: Safe exercising after plastic surgery

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Regular exercising is very important for maintaining the overall health and staying fit. Thanks to the exercises, the joints strengthen, the body becomes more flexible and heart health improves. You get both mental and energy boost and relieve stress thanks to the release of toxins. Of course, the physical appearance changes to the better as well. Still, in order for an exercise to work its magic and be beneficial, one has to do it properly and practice safety all the time. This is especially important after some kind of plastic surgery. No matter how much you’re eager to get back into your usual routine, under no circumstances should you jeopardize your health.

Exercising after facial cosmetic surgery

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If you had any work done on your face such as face, eye or brow lift, your doctor will definitely advise you to take it slowly for the next four weeks after the surgery. It is very important to stick to this advice and not try anything more demanding than simple moving around since any kind of exercise can increase blood pressure and therefore cause bleeding from the wounds, which can consequently lead to some more serious problems. But, if you manage to go through this four-week period you’ll be able to continue with exercises as before the facial surgery. After the four weeks of resting are over, in the next two weeks you can gradually start with some lighter exercises and build them up slowly so that you can be perfectly able to continue where you left off six weeks after the surgery. Of course, unless your doctor specifically told you so, you shouldn’t just lie around all day during those four weeks. Going for a slow walk around the room and lightly stretching the arms and legs is necessary for proper blood circulation.

Exercising after tummy tuck

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Tummy tuck is a very serious procedure, and especially so if it’s done post-birth. Therefore, the recovery period is longer and restrictions for exercising are more severe. Again, four week after the surgery, the patient should rest and relax. Since the core muscles are used in most of the exercises and even regular body movements, which patient will become aware of after trying to get out of bed, after the four weeks of rest are done, the period of next four weeks where one can do only light exercises is to follow. These exercises include walking around the neighborhood, light stretching and perhaps, very light cardio as the end of the 8th week grows near. Basically, after a tummy tuck, one can expect to get back into regular workout routine only after 8-10 weeks. After the 8th week post surgery, the patient can engage into some more demanding exercises but still take it slowly since 8 weeks of complete inactivity or small activity weaken the muscles. One definitely cannot expect to jump into the old regimen immediately. It takes time to build the stamina and muscle mass again and the process has to be very careful and gradual.

Exercising after breast surgery

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According to  Dr. Williams and some other professionals in the field of breast surgery from Sydney, it is absolutely necessary to refrain from doing any king of upper body workout in the first four weeks of recovery from breast augmentation as well as any kind of resistance training. Still, unlike other recovery patients, those who have undergone breast surgery are encouraged to exercise their lower body even in the first four weeks after the surgery. Therefore, any kind of exercise that doesn’t involve breast or arm muscles such as lunges, squats, walking and light cycling are allowed. Of course, jumping and running is still prohibited because these movements can slow down the recovery and create potential health risks. After the four weeks are up, the doctor can decide together with the patient what kind of physical activity is appropriate for the previous level of recovery.

People who have decided on some kind of plastic surgery have to be very responsible and patient if they want to regain their previous fitness ability as well as keep their overall health in good condition. It is essential to consult the doctor before introducing any major or even minimal changes during the recovery process.

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