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After undergoing rhinoplasty, most people wonder when exactly is it safe to start working out and hitting the gym again. Well, rhinoplasty is not the most severe procedure out there and the rules may not be as strict. Still, the workout difficulty level has to be gradual and the best time for each training session will greatly depend on the exercises that you’re used to.

Start slowly

Even though it may not be as restrictive and serious as tummy tuck or breast augmentation, rhinoplasty is still an invasive procedure that requires at least one week of rest. After that period is over, you can start walking around in order to move your muscles a little bit. You might feel good as you stand and walk, but that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to hit the gym so soon after the surgery. Keep your regular walking schedule for another week before your body is ready for something more challenging.

Be responsible

Most patients can visit the gym after two weeks have passed since the surgery. This doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to do some strenuous exercise and jump around immediately. Basically, you can visit the gym, but only for some light sessions involving treadmill and cycling. Make sure to stay away from aerobics and weight training especially. Your nose is not ready for such physical challenges only two weeks after the procedure.

The moment you can introduce weights

Only after around four weeks should you consider introducing weight lifting and light aerobic exercises into your workout routine. Still, it’s essential to mention that this still doesn’t mean that you can follow the same regimen you had before the rhinoplasty. So, no heavy lifting and no sudden bending! You can give your muscles more exercise with some light weights and carefully monitored aerobic exercises. Even after four weeks you shouldn’t get into workouts that include a lot of jumping and sudden moves.

The exact same routine

If you used to deal with a lot of running, contact sports and heavy lifting, be aware that such movements are only safe to try again six month post surgery. It might sound too long, but your health is in stake here. Each person’s recovery is different and you shouldn’t risk nose bleeding and any other kind of complications just because you want to do the exact same thing you did pre-surgery. Since you’ll be able to move your body it’s important to replace the most challenging exercises with their safer and bounce-free alternatives until your doctor says that it’s fine to get into those again.

Ask questions repeatedly

There are many different reasons people choose to undergo rhinoplasty. Some want to improve their appearance while some have medical issues that can only be repaired through such surgery. In general, sinus surgery is not so invasive compared to your usual rhinoplasty that changes the shape of the nose. Still, in order to follow the rules when it comes to exercising, it’s essential that you attend regular checkups and report even the smallest discomfort. That way, your doctor will be able to assess the recovery process perfectly and analyze the possibilities considering the safest workout.

Moving around one week after rhinoplasty is actually encouraged, but be sure not to overdo it. As mentioned before, some light gym routines are possible to do after a month, but the most difficult and physically challenging training sessions should be practiced only when six months have passed. This is precisely why it’s so important to stay in contact with both your doctor and fitness instructor. Most often, people are not fully aware of the intensity of particular workout and a professional in that area can give you a valuable advice.

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