Guest Post: How To Lose Weight and Have Fun Doing It

Most of us lead a sedentary way of life. Because a huge chunk of most people’s day is dedicated to work, and a lot of their free time is spent online, they usually don’t get as much exercise as they should. Food is another important contributor to weight issues that seem to plague an overwhelming number of people. We eat too much processed food and don’t pay enough attention to calories hidden in our soft drinks and coffee. Putting on weight seems far too easy and losing it is near impossible. Or is it? For most us, exercise equals torture. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The secret is to find an activity that you will actually enjoy! Losing weight can be fun and easy. Don’t believe us? Try some of these:

The Dancefloor Craze


Dancing has got to be one of the most fun ways to do something good for your body, while also having a great time. The best part is – there are a million ways to make it work. If you would like to get some skills in the process, you could take dance lessons – be it ballet or Latin dances. If you need cardio, try Zumba – it’s an effective and highly popular form of exercise that combines dance and aerobics. If you feel too lazy to head for a class, or are just embarrassed about your newbie moves, you can even do it at home! All the major gaming platforms have zumba or dance games, and some are even available as phone apps. Check out the likes of Zumba Fitness, or Just Dance. If you are hoping to add some seduction skills to match your new body, maybe pole dancing or belly dancing are the right fit for you.

Sporty Fun


Even though their workout routine might not objectively feel terrible, most people don’t feel like doing it, maybe precisely because they know they should. Sports on the other hand, especially team sports, add a social and competitive element to your workout, that makes it much more enjoyable. Join a club, or simply set up a match with your friends a couple of times a week. Call up your mates, grab your soccer training equipment, and head to the pitch! You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice how many calories you’ve burnt.

Exercise and Self-Defense


Most gyms offer some kind of martial arts training. Kickboxing is one of the most popular options. These kinds of activities are awesome because, not only do they burn a ton of calories and do wonders for your body, they also teach you a new skill. Self-defense is always useful, especially for women, and learning a martial art will improve your figure, your stamina, and your confidence. If kickboxing is not your thing, there are plenty of other martial arts to choose from.

Aerial Yoga


Do you find regular yoga boring? All that meditation just doesn’t do it for you? How about if you were flying? Yes, you read that right. Aerial yoga is a new, trendy type of yoga in which you do the traditional yoga poses (and some pilates), all with the aid of a soft cloth hammock. Basically, you exercise while hanging suspended from the ceiling, almost like a trapeze artist. Not only is this kind of training tremendously fun, it’s also considerably easier to do some poses with the support of the hammock. And let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Cirque du Soleil style workout?

Losing weight doesn’t need to feel like a chore. If you allow yourself to have some fun, you will get the body you want in no time.

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