Say Goodbye To Knee Strains With The Best Wraps And Sleeves Of 2017


If you are regarding hitting the gym as a possibility or you’re already a seasoned weight lifter, taking into account knee protection should be one of your top priorities. Knees are one of the most crucial parts of your body when you’re doing physical activities such as running or weight lifting and factors such as heat insulation, elastic rebound and strong leg protection should be the most regarded.

Read more reviews on the best knee wraps to make sure you have a better understanding of how your knees can take a pounding under the heavy weights. We’ve come up with a list of top products to choose from in 2017 when it comes to keeping your knees safe during heavy sessions of lifting.

Emerge 7mm Sleeve

Providing an easy fitting and comfortable inner lining to give you the best patellar support this sleeve is one of the best to choose from as it offers an unmatched compression and durability. Its main points are reinforced cross stitching and elasticity to make you go through reps much easier.

Workt 7mm Sleeve

This sleeve stands apart from other competitors by its unique fabric design as it is entirely made of an innovative material named Ecoprene. This material offers it outstanding elasticity and strength. Not only does it come with excellent insulation but it also offers water and sweat resistance.

McDavid Hex Leg Sleeve

McDavid Hex Leg Sleeves stand above all in terms of design and usability as it offers the best patellar padding out there by having hexagonal cushioning. Its length is what sets it apart from others as it is a lot longer than a lot of other products. This sleeve is mostly designed for those who enjoy long sessions of running as it provides a free flow of movement and breathability.

CAP Barbell Elastic Knee Wraps

The elastic knee wraps from CAP are the best bang for your buck as they come with a price tag of under $10 and offer a great amount of stretch for exercises such as squatting. They offer next to no slip as they grip tightly around your knees but at the same time is very flexible in the knee joint.

MAVA Sports Knee Wraps

Wraps from MAVA have always been great as they have comfort and malleability as their main trait. Not only do they have the ability to stretch twice their original size but also clip tightly to your knee via Velcro. They come with the best compression out there and offer great patellar support as well.

Read more about the best knee sleeves and wraps out there to have a better understanding of how you should treat your knees properly the next time you hit the gym or fancy a run in the park.

As always, happy lifting!

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